Centre for Digital Marketing works with businesses nationally as well as international to make sure that their workforce has the right skills and knowledge to develop the business further. We comprehensively offer organisations the opportunity to design their own programmes and qualifications. The single most important differentiating factor for any company is its people. Finding, supporting, and developing skilled and motivated staff has always been one of the most challenging jobs in business. In the digital age, where marketing methods and the skills necessary for delivering objectives, strategy and tactics are changing continuously, being responsible for building a marketing team that can drive business growth takes focus. Our qualifications or programmes can be customised to meet specific employment or industry needs. Moreover, our bespoke qualifications can be any level or duration and the qualification will be awarded by Centre for Digital Marketing.
  • • Gain competitive advantage by having employees with the right skills to take the business forward
  • • Assure that specific skills development, possibly as part of your wider development programmes, has a measurable impact in the workplace. This is evaluated through the assessed element of the program.
  • • Have flexibility to ensure that your employees’ study only topics relevant to your industry or skills specific to your business
  • • It increases loyalty, retention rates and helps businesses remain competitive.
  • • Gain competitive advantage by having managers and leaders with the right skills to take the business forward

Work process

Way to Reach Success

Comprehensive Training & Support for your Organisations


First step of process

Find the skills gap and benchmark your business against industry rivals.


Our second easy step

Develop a bespoke learning solution that suits your employees.


Important third step

Train employees to meet the needs of your business and track progress.


Solution in final step

Certify with professional certifications to make sure learning outcome are practical and relevant.

Why Choose CDM

Content by Industry Expert

Our syllabus is designed by industry experts marketing practitioners to offer significant level of competency skills.

Enhanced Digital Transformation

Support your staff with digital marketing skills to advance the digital transformation of your business.

Industry Standard

Our qualifications are developed to meet the industry standards and in line with the needs of world’s most influential brands.

Increased Return on Investment

Enhance your workforce productivity, reduce staff agitate and improve customer satisfaction with an investment in the learning and development.

Professional Certification

We have been training professionals globally with professional certification to a digital education standard which meets the current market needs

Global Focus

All CDM Programs and its modules are industry focused and developed to meet the global standards. Our programs are reviewed regularly to ensure that they suit the needs of the learners and employers.

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